Alexandre, Luís

Personal Information:

Position: Professor
Research Area: Uncategorized


  • C. Padole and L. Alexandre. "Motion based Particle Filter for Human Tracking with Thermal Imaging". Third International conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology. 2010. [More] 
  • S. Filipe and L. Alexandre. "Improving Face Segmentation in Thermograms Using Image Signatures". 15th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition (CIARP 2010). I. Bloch and R. Cesar eds. 2010. pp. 402-409. [More] 
  • L. M. Silva, J. P. de Sá and L. Alexandre. "The MEE Principle in Data Classification: A Perceptron-Based Analysis", Neural Computation, MIT Press, Vol. 22, October, 2010, pp. 2698-2728. [More] 
  • C. Padole and L. Alexandre. "Wigner Distribution based Motion Tracking of Human Beings using Thermal Imaging". 7th IEEE Workshop on Object Tracking and Classification Beyond and in the Visible Spectrum (In conjunction with IEEE CVPR 2010). 2010. pp. ?-?. [More] 
  • L. Alexandre. "Gender recognition: a multiscale decision fusion approach", Elsevier Pattern Recognition Letters, Vol. 31, August, 2010, pp. 1422-1427. [More] 



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