Fazendeiro, Paulo

Personal Information:

Position: Professor
Research Area: Uncategorized


  • P. Fazendeiro and J. V. de Oliveira. "Semantic Driven Fuzzy Clustering for Human-Centric Information Processing Applications". A. B. et Al. ed. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. 2009. pp. 119-151. [More] 
  • P. Fazendeiro. "On Interpretability Issues in Data-driven Fuzzy System Design". University of Beira Interior. Covilhã. 2009. [More] 
  • P. Fazendeiro and J. V. de Oliveira. "Fuzzy Clustering as a Data-driven Development Environment for Information Granules". W. P. et Al. ed. Wiley. 2008. [More] 
  • P. Fazendeiro and J. V. de Oliveira. "A Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm with a Variable Focal Point". Proc. of IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, WCCI 2008. 2008. [More] 
  • P. Fazendeiro and J. V. de Oliveira. "A Multi-Objective Design of a Patient and Anaesthetist-Friendly Neuromuscular Blockade Controller", IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 54. 2007, pp. 1667-1678. [More] 



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