MBIR - Multispectral Biometric Iris Recognition

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The main goal of this project is to assess the amount of discriminating information that can be used for iris biometric purposes, according to the spectrum and intensity of light used in the acquisition scene. The use of different light spectrums for iris recognition purposes has been receiving growing attention, due to the potential of performing image acquisition at large distances and uncontrolled environments, which enables any application where the cooperation of the recognizable subjects is not expectable (forensics). Hence, the main stages of this project are: (1) assess the amount of discriminating data able to be captured regarding the spectrum and intensity of light used and the levels of iris pigmentation, which are known to play a relevant role in the appearance of the acquired data; (2) to collect a data set of multispectral iris images, that should be freely available to the scientific community (via web), which to the best of our knowledge remains to be done.