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1   Link   NICE
On-line evaluation of NICE.I and NICE.II.
2   Link   NICE.I
The Noisy Iris Challenge Evaluation - Part I distiguishes from the above mentioned contests, as:

- It operates on noisy iris images, similar to the ones contained by the UBIRIS database. These images will constitute the second version of the UBIRIS database (UBIRIS.v2). This database has more images and with new and more realistic noise factors, when compared to its predecessor.

- The contest will be the only way to legally obtain the UBIRIS.v2 image database (for a period of 18 months). This version of the database is significantly extended and with new and more realistic noise factors, when compared to its predecessor.

-It exclusively evaluates the iris segmentation and noise detection stages, allowing the independent evaluation of these tasks from the iris encoding and recognition algorithms.
3   Link   NICE.II
The NICE:II (Noisy Iris Challenge Evaluation - Part II) is the complementary part of its antecessor and aims to complete the Pattern Recognition process:

- It also operates on iris images similar to the ones of the UBIRIS.v2.

- It is exclusively focused in the signatures encoding and matching stages of degraded visible wavelength iris images previously segmented, according to the segmentation method that outperformed in the segmentation contest (NICE.I).

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